Catholic Schools in The West

In 2015, we have evaluated Catholic 23 schools offering majors in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

Our team ranks Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA), University of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA), and University of San Diego (San Diego, CA) the best three Catholic schools in the West.

See the Best 20 Catholic schools in the West below or narrow your search by program, state, or city in the West.

Top 20 Catholic schools in the West:

Santa Clara University - Catholic School Ranking
1. Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, CA, 116 majors

University of San Francisco - Catholic School Ranking
2. University of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA, 127 majors

University of San Diego - Catholic School Ranking
3. University of San Diego

San Diego, CA, 98 majors

Regis University - Catholic School Ranking
4. Regis University

Denver, CO, 105 majors

Loyola Marymount University - Catholic School Ranking
5. Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, CA, 98 majors

Seattle University - Catholic School Ranking
6. Seattle University

Seattle, WA, 135 majors

Gonzaga University - Catholic School Ranking
7. Gonzaga University

Spokane, WA, 90 majors

University of Portland - Catholic School Ranking
8. University of Portland

Portland, OR, 83 majors

Saint Marys College of California - Catholic School Ranking
Mount St. Mary's College - Catholic School Ranking
10. Mount St. Mary's College

Los Angeles, CA, 57 majors

Marylhurst University - Catholic School Ranking
11. Marylhurst University

Marylhurst, OR, 31 majors

Dominican University of California - Catholic School Ranking
Holy Names University - Catholic School Ranking
13. Holy Names University

Oakland, CA, 87 majors

Chaminade University of Honolulu - Catholic School Ranking
Carroll College - Catholic School Ranking
15. Carroll College

Helena, MT, 75 majors

Saint Martin's University - Catholic School Ranking
16. Saint Martin's University

Lacey, WA, 49 majors

Notre Dame De Namur University - Catholic School Ranking
Franciscan School of Theology - Catholic School Ranking
University of Great Falls - Catholic School Ranking
19. University of Great Falls

Great Falls, MT, 25 majors

Mount Angel Seminary - Catholic School Ranking
20. Mount Angel Seminary

Mount Angel, OR, 2 majors

Catholic schools in the West by state:

Schools by StateNo Catholic Schools in Arizona13 Catholic Schools in California1 Catholic Schools in ColoradoNo Catholic Schools in Idaho2 Catholic Schools in MontanaNo Catholic Schools in NevadaNo Catholic Schools in New Mexico3 Catholic Schools in OregonNo Catholic Schools in Utah3 Catholic Schools in WashingtonNo Catholic Schools in Wyoming

Catholic programs in the West:

Accounting: 13 Catholic schools
Architecture: 1 Catholic school
Arts: 17 Catholic schools
Biology: 17 Catholic schools
Business: 19 Catholic schools
Chemistry: 14 Catholic schools
Computer: 17 Catholic schools
Dance: 3 Catholic schools
Economics: 9 Catholic schools
Education: 18 Catholic schools
Electrical: 1 Catholic school
Engineering: 9 Catholic schools
Environmental: 13 Catholic schools
Fashion: 1 Catholic school
Film: 4 Catholic schools
Finance: 9 Catholic schools
Graphic Design: 6 Catholic schools
History: 17 Catholic schools
Hospitality: 1 Catholic school
Interior Design: 2 Catholic schools
Journalism: 15 Catholic schools
Foreign Languages: 12 Catholic schools
Law: 9 Catholic schools
Literature: 18 Catholic schools
Management: 18 Catholic schools
Marketing: 11 Catholic schools
Mathematics: 14 Catholic schools
Medical: 13 Catholic schools
Music: 14 Catholic schools
Nursing: 12 Catholic schools
Occupational Therapy: 6 Catholic schools
Performing Arts: 11 Catholic schools
Physics: 8 Catholic schools
Police: 7 Catholic schools
Politics: 16 Catholic schools
Psychology: 18 Catholic schools
Social Work: 12 Catholic schools
Sociology: 16 Catholic schools
Sport: 5 Catholic schools
Theatre: 11 Catholic schools
Theology: 21 Catholic schools

Popular Catholic school cities:

Los Angeles: 2 Catholic schools
Berkeley: 2 Catholic schools
Seattle: 1 Catholic school
San Francisco: 1 Catholic school
Denver: 1 Catholic school
Santa Clara: 1 Catholic school
Moraga: 1 Catholic school
San Diego: 1 Catholic school
Spokane: 1 Catholic school
Portland: 1 Catholic school
Oakland: 1 Catholic school
Helena: 1 Catholic school
Honolulu: 1 Catholic school
Belmont: 1 Catholic school
Lacey: 1 Catholic school
Marylhurst: 1 Catholic school
San Rafael: 1 Catholic school
Great Falls: 1 Catholic school
Rancho Palos Verdes: 1 Catholic school
Mount Angel: 1 Catholic school
Camarillo: 1 Catholic school

Catholic schools in other regions:

Northeast: 89 Catholic schools
Midwest: 92 Catholic schools
South: 49 Catholic schools © 2017 · Home · Terms of Use · Methodology