Catholic Schools in The South - 2017 Ranking

We list Catholic 48 schools offering majors in Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. team ranks Georgetown University (Washington, DC), Saint Leo University (Saint Leo, FL), and Catholic University of America (Washington, DC) the top three Catholic schools in the South.

See the Best 45 Catholic schools in the South below or narrow your search by program, state, or city in the South.

Top 45 Catholic schools in the South:

Georgetown University - Catholic School Ranking
1. Georgetown University

Washington, DC, 198 majors

Saint Leo University - Catholic School Ranking
2. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo, FL, 102 majors

Catholic University of America - Catholic School Ranking
3. Catholic University of America

Washington, DC, 226 majors

University of Thearnate Word - Catholic School Ranking
4. University of thearnate Word

San Antonio, TX, 132 majors

Loyola University Maryland - Catholic School Ranking
5. Loyola University Maryland

Baltimore, MD, 91 majors

Marymount University - Catholic School Ranking
6. Marymount University

Arlington, VA, 67 majors

Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico Ponce - Catholic School Ranking
University of Dallas - Catholic School Ranking
8. University of Dallas

Irving, TX, 68 majors

St Thomas University - Catholic School Ranking
9. St Thomas University

Miami Gardens, FL, 108 majors

Notre Dame of Maryland University - Catholic School Ranking
Xavier University of Louisiana - Catholic School Ranking
11. Xavier University of Louisiana

New Orleans, LA, 81 majors

University of Holy Cross - Catholic School Ranking
12. University of Holy Cross

New Orleans, LA, 24 majors

Aquinas College Nashville - Catholic School Ranking
13. Aquinas College Nashville

Nashville, TN, 15 majors

Barry University - Catholic School Ranking
14. Barry University

Miami, FL, 120 majors

Loyola University New Orleans - Catholic School Ranking
15. Loyola University New Orleans

New Orleans, LA, 116 majors

St Mary's University - Catholic School Ranking
16. St Mary's University

San Antonio, TX, 84 majors

Saint Edward's University - Catholic School Ranking
17. Saint Edward's University

Austin, TX, 116 majors

University of St Thomas Houston - Catholic School Ranking
Bellarmine University - Catholic School Ranking
19. Bellarmine University

Louisville, KY, 90 majors

Our Lady of The Lake University - Catholic School Ranking
20. Our Lady of the Lake University

San Antonio, TX, 103 majors

Universidad Del Sagrado Corazon - Catholic School Ranking
Spalding University - Catholic School Ranking
22. Spalding University

Louisville, KY, 51 majors

Christian Brothers University - Catholic School Ranking
23. Christian Brothers University

Memphis, TN, 81 majors

Wheeling Jesuit University - Catholic School Ranking
24. Wheeling Jesuit University

Wheeling, WV, 45 majors

Thomas More College - Catholic School Ranking
25. Thomas More College

Crestview Hills, KY, 130 majors

Ave Maria University - Catholic School Ranking
26. Ave Maria University

Ave Maria, FL, 51 majors

Our Lady of The Lake College - Catholic School Ranking
27. Our Lady of the Lake College

Baton Rouge, LA, 16 majors

Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico Arecibo - Catholic School Ranking
Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing - Catholic School Ranking
Mount St Mary's University - Catholic School Ranking
30. Mount St Mary's University

Emmitsburg, MD, 72 majors

Trinity Washington University - Catholic School Ranking
31. Trinity Washington University

Washington, DC, 85 majors

Spring Hill College - Catholic School Ranking
32. Spring Hill College

Mobile, AL, 59 majors

Brescia University - Catholic School Ranking
33. Brescia University

Owensboro, KY, 41 majors

Universidad Central De Bayamon - Catholic School Ranking
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez - Catholic School Ranking
Ave Maria School of Law - Catholic School Ranking
36. Ave Maria School of Law

Naples, FL, 1 major

Institute For The Psychological Sciences - Catholic School Ranking
Notre Dame Seminary Graduate School of Theology - Catholic School Ranking
Belmont Abbey College - Catholic School Ranking
39. Belmont Abbey College

Belmont, NC, 29 majors

St. Gregory's University - Catholic School Ranking
40. St. Gregory's University

Shawnee, OK, 30 majors

Saint Catharine College - Catholic School Ranking
41. Saint Catharine College

Saint Catharine, KY, 21 majors

Saint John Vianney College Seminary - Catholic School Ranking
Pontifical Faculty of The Immaculate Conception at The Dominican House of Studies - Catholic School Ranking
Saint Joseph Seminary College - Catholic School Ranking
44. Saint Joseph Seminary College

Saint Benedict, LA, 1 major

Oblate School of Theology - Catholic School Ranking
45. Oblate School of Theology

San Antonio, TX, 1 major

Catholic schools in the South by state:

Schools by State1 Catholic Schools in AlabamaNo Catholic Schools in ArkansasNo Catholic Schools in Delaware8 Catholic Schools in FloridaNo Catholic Schools in Georgia5 Catholic Schools in Kentucky6 Catholic Schools in Louisiana3 Catholic Schools in MarylandNo Catholic Schools in Mississippi1 Catholic Schools in North Carolina1 Catholic Schools in OklahomaNo Catholic Schools in South Carolina2 Catholic Schools in Tennessee8 Catholic Schools in Texas3 Catholic Schools in Virginia4 Catholic Schools in District of Columbia1 Catholic Schools in West Virginia

Catholic programs in the South:

Accounting: 31 Catholic schools
Architecture: 2 Catholic schools
Arts: 24 Catholic schools
Biology: 36 Catholic schools
Business: 36 Catholic schools
Chemistry: 26 Catholic schools
Computer: 28 Catholic schools
Dance: 3 Catholic schools
Dental: 1 Catholic school
Economics: 20 Catholic schools
Education: 35 Catholic schools
Electrical: 1 Catholic school
Engineering: 11 Catholic schools
Environmental: 18 Catholic schools
Fashion: 3 Catholic schools
Film: 4 Catholic schools
Finance: 21 Catholic schools
Fire: 1 Catholic school
Graphic Design: 6 Catholic schools
History: 31 Catholic schools
Hospitality: 6 Catholic schools
Interior Design: 2 Catholic schools
Journalism: 24 Catholic schools
Foreign Languages: 24 Catholic schools
Law: 10 Catholic schools
Literature: 32 Catholic schools
Management: 35 Catholic schools
Marketing: 19 Catholic schools
Mathematics: 30 Catholic schools
Medical: 33 Catholic schools
Music: 18 Catholic schools
Nursing: 27 Catholic schools
Occupational Therapy: 12 Catholic schools
Performing Arts: 16 Catholic schools
Pharmacy: 6 Catholic schools
Physics: 16 Catholic schools
Police: 23 Catholic schools
Politics: 27 Catholic schools
Psychology: 37 Catholic schools
Secretary: 4 Catholic schools
Social Work: 22 Catholic schools
Sociology: 26 Catholic schools
Sport: 9 Catholic schools
Theatre: 18 Catholic schools
Theology: 37 Catholic schools
Weather: 1 Catholic school

Catholic schools in other regions:

Northeast: 86 Catholic schools
Midwest: 89 Catholic schools
West: 23 Catholic schools

Popular Catholic school cities in the South:

in Alabama:
Mobile: 1 Catholic school
in District of Columbia:
Washington: 4 Catholic schools
in Florida:
Ave Maria: 1 Catholic school
Boynton Beach: 1 Catholic school
Miami: 3 Catholic schools
Miami Gardens: 1 Catholic school
Naples: 1 Catholic school
Saint Leo: 1 Catholic school
in Kentucky:
Crestview Hills: 1 Catholic school
Louisville: 2 Catholic schools
Owensboro: 1 Catholic school
Saint Catharine: 1 Catholic school
in Louisiana:
Baton Rouge: 1 Catholic school
New Orleans: 4 Catholic schools
Saint Benedict: 1 Catholic school
in Maryland:
Baltimore: 2 Catholic schools
Emmitsburg: 1 Catholic school
in North Carolina:
Belmont: 1 Catholic school
in Oklahoma:
Shawnee: 1 Catholic school
in Puerto Rico:
Arecibo: 1 Catholic school
Bayamon: 1 Catholic school
Mayaguez: 1 Catholic school
Ponce: 1 Catholic school
Santurce: 1 Catholic school
in Tennessee:
Memphis: 1 Catholic school
Nashville: 1 Catholic school
in Texas:
Austin: 1 Catholic school
Houston: 1 Catholic school
Irving: 1 Catholic school
Lubbock: 1 Catholic school
San Antonio: 4 Catholic schools
in Virginia:
Arlington: 2 Catholic schools
Richmond: 1 Catholic school
in West Virginia:
Wheeling: 1 Catholic school © 2017 · Home · Terms of Use · Methodology